Feel-Good Price PackChecker

NeuroPricing™ allows you to accurately predict the Feel-Good Price

Ask anyone what he or she is prepared to pay for a product and for sure you will get the wrong answer. People can’t put an exact price on something and without a reference, they are inclined to think it’s too expensive.

This is because the value of a product is determined by unconscious processes, which can be better understood by measuring them through neuro-research rather than by analyzing survey answers.

The NeuroPricing™ PackChecker allows you to accurately predict consumer behaviour using both conscious and unconscious brain responses.

At Packadore we use this knowledge to:

  • Valuing new packaging designs compared to the original
  • Determining the feel-good price of the new packaging
  • Optimize the willingness to pay for our client’s products

Using an EEG-scan, we show that our sustainable and desirable packaging solutions lead to higher consumer satisfaction, higher margins and higher sustainability benefits.